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More Patriots say they’ll be skipping the White House
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More Patriots say they’ll be skipping the White House

by adminFebruary 13, 2017

More Patriots say they’ll be skipping the White House

12:00 PMThis feels like it’s been the longest week ever. Thank God that baseball’s back soon.

If you take someone to court, there’s always the possibility that you might lose. That’s exactly what happened to President Donald Trump on Thursday, when a federal appeals court upheld the decision to temporarily stop his immigration ban. Needless to say, he’s pretty unhappy about the decision and has taken his tweets to the all-caps level, which we presume means that he’s REALLY serious. If you listen to legal experts though, this was more than just a decision, they basically told Trump that he has no chance of his executive order holding up.

Here’s what you should never do if you’re not black: talk about the N-word. It’s just a losing strategy and something if you haven’t been on the wrong side of being called it, you just aren’t in a position to understand the true meaning of how it can affect a person. So, when CNN’s Chris Cuomo went on SiriusXM this week and said that the cable network being called “fake news” is akin to being called the N-word, he upset quite a few people. Eventually, he apologized, but I’m still not entirely sure why he went there to begin with.

The Grammys are Sunday night, which we like. It’s easily the best awards show of them all, mainly because there’s actual music that people like to be performed and the artists take it extremely seriously. Chance The Rapper will be performing this year, too, which I’m excited about. The show overall is doing its best to create a more inclusive environment. This year, a man and a transgender woman will be part of the group, known as the “trophy girls,” which brings the actual awards to the stage. Pretty cool.

Another day, another New England Patriots player passes on the White House. First, it was Martellus Bennett. Then, it was Devin McCourty. Now, LeGarrette Blount and Chris Long say they won’t be joining the team to celebrate its Super Bowl LI win with Trump. Over the years, all sorts of players, including Tom Brady have skipped this event, for various reasons. But these particular withdrawals have been particularly political, considering. Whenever the Pats finally do come to Washington, D.C., it could be a pretty awkward ceremony.


Coffee Break: Too often, grown men aren’t really allowed to express their true feelings about things like love and friendship, because for whatever reason we view that as soft and unappealing. But Jim Jones talking about the fallout of Dipset and other career setbacks is one of the realest things I’ve ever seen.

Snack Time: We’ve all seen the photos of Barack Obama windsurfing with his squad, but I almost forgot that one cool thing about him leaving the Oval Office is being able to wear things other than suits. Check out your boy.

Dessert: Need something to bump this weekend? TDE’s got you.

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